Tuesday, June 5, 2012

There's a little black spot on the sun today...

I saw it! I owed it to Captain Cook to make my best effort to see the transit (insert 100+ years, 2117, etc) and I did.

OK, I didn't directly see it, but I did the next best thing, see it with a projection system. I had my binoculars pointed straight at the sun, then held up a white (so as to see it) box (so as to not blow around in the wind) as a screen. I used the shadow of the binocs to aim, and then used the focusing knob to, well, focus. I have previously seen sunspots with this setup, but it was too cloudy to really see them today.

Speaking of which, today is a partly cloudy day here at St Kwan's, and I was clouded out of seeing ingress. These images are from about 00:10 UTC 6 Jun 2012.

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