Saturday, January 19, 2013

Can't... bring... the... funny...

Wonderduck has decided to drop Ben-To, which I only downloaded and watched on his recommendation. Thanks for that... Although I guess writing a careful episode-by-episode writeup isn't really a recommendation from him -- consider Rio Rainbow Gate, where it is more like a warning.

Anyway, the Anime of the Week then is Vividred Operation (vivid-red, in case you miss the space and can't parse the title). Episode 1 established that it was that kind of show. I mean magical girl -- what were you thinking of? Even though it is technological magic, it was still magic, since they still had the magical clothing change transformation sequence. That's right, the defining characteristic of a magical girl is magical clothing change.

Episode 2 can be subtitled "Friendship is insufficiently magic".

I thought about doing an episode writeup, but I only thought of a couple of jokes, and Wonderduck got them himself, so I will restrict myself to what I can do -- one line jokes.

Episode 3 features them skipping directly to "Form Blazing Sword", a clear violation of protocol since you are supposed to wait until you are almost defeated before pulling out your game-changing weapon.

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