Saturday, July 22, 2017

Today's Episode of "It's my responsibility, but..."

"...The datasheet diagrams didn't have the pins labeled."

This time, it is the encoder board.

Here, it isn't obvious which pad in the footprint goes with which pad on the part.

It doesn't matter anyway, because a closer examination of the footprint and the Digikey list of optical sensors reveals that I bought the wrong part. The footprint on the board is marked QRE1113, but it is actually for an Omron EE-SY193. D'oh!

Well, back to the fab again, for both boards. I'll use the QRE1113 parts that I have to test if the parts even fit in the hole. If not, I'll have to use the EE-SY193.

All parts of this project are my responsibility. It can't be otherwise, since there isn't anyone I report to or who reports to me. My partner is a special case.

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