Wednesday, May 16, 2012

11DoF is working

I finally put together an 11DoF. All sensors are on board, but I decided to forgo the OR gates until I see that I need them. That means that both solder bridges on the back are closed, and the board is subject to Analog silliness if it decides to show its head.

Here we have the design...

And here is the physical implementation. Is reality ever as clean as design?

All of these sensors work, in that the I2C compass and baro/temp sensor actually work, and the SPI accel and gyro respond to SPI commands and return their proper chip IDs. I haven't tested full functionality on those guys yet.

So, do I start making and selling these things for $50 each? Or do I just release the design and say "have at it" yourself?

If the latter, here are the files:

11DoF Schematic (Eagle 6.x)
11DoF Board

Next version? There's always a next version. Both STMicro (makers of the L3G4200D) and Invensense (makers of the ITG3200 that I gave a glowing review to) have 6DoF sensors, and one of them even makes a 9DoF sensor with a magnetometer in the same chip as the accelerometer and gyro. The problem is that these parts are not yet available from Digikey, and therefore not really available at all. Also, the interfaces are ugly: Both parts have two SPI interfaces. The Invensense part has one for the gyro and one for the accelerometer, while the STMicro part has one for the gyro and one for the acc/compass. It is almost as if two devices are just crammed into the same case. I can cram together parts, in fact that's what the 11DoF board is. I want a 6/9DoF part to have a single SPI interface with a single chip select, and perhaps more importantly, I want the acc and gyro to sample at the same time and have one interrupt line.


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