Friday, May 18, 2012

Loginator2148 v1.1 is assembled

I have every confidence that the board is correct. I have tested that the known bugs in the old board have been eradicated. I have every confidence that the parts are properly placed and that all joints are good. I have tested the power supply, charge circuit, and lights.

So why am I not more confident in this board?

Is it live...

...or is it Memorex?
All of the switches and the battery terminal were partially melted/burned with hot air. The power switch is especially bad. Everything seems to work, though. It's just ugly. Next time, we bake the plastic parts. Maybe we bake everything. Maybe we salvage this board by lifting all the burned parts, replacing them, and baking it. Maybe we just don't make this board again. I would kinda like to get out of the 2148 business and into the 2368 business.

Update: The thing is alive, the Arduino terminal just doesn't know how to talk to it. I sent ? and saw 'Synchronized' on the logic analyzer (great device, I'll write a review some day). It just didn't show up in the serial terminal. This means that the controller is alive enough to communicate over serial, which means that the crystal and decoupling caps are on and the power is properly hooked up. The thing was running on battery when I tested this, so the whole battery part works too. Wow, I guess a lot is tested just with "Synchronized".

I wish these pictures showed the glorious royal purple and gold of the boards.
This is a NON-FLIGHT configuration. Not that the Loginator is ever intended to fly, anyway. This is just so that I can learn how to talk to the sensors and get the IMUinator working

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  1. St. Kwan,

    You mention in your blogs that you have been working with the logomatic code this year. I have a question about how to remove the zero that after the date and time when I use the timestamp function with text uart logging. If you look at the googleglode issues list, I have posted a couple there.