Friday, May 18, 2012

More on SDHC

So here's the problem. There are in fact two SD card drivers in the Logomatic firmware. Hey, by the engineering method, anything that works is good, and the Logomatic code works, but it's not great code. There are entire sections that are included but not used, like the USB driver in the main logging firmware. Now we have two pieces of code to do the same thing -- access the SD card. There is Roland Riegel's code used by rootdir.c and used by both the bootloader and main code to read and write the card, and there is the code used by the USB driver, which is entirely separate and entirely unready to do SDHC.

So, I am going to update the USB driver to use Roland's code. This just means mapping what the code is doing now to the various parts of sd_raw.c . Piece of cake, probably. We'll see.

Anyway, once this is done, I'll post a message about it on the Sparkfun forums, direct them here, and get literally some readers on this blog, rather than just myself like I get now.

No bragging until I can put my code where my mouth is.

By the way: I am doing all of this development on the Loginator 1.1, so the SD card slot and USB port work. Yay for me!

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