Saturday, June 21, 2014


If I was a week ago where I am now, or even a day ago, I would be in great shape.

As it is, I gave the robot its first free run, about 6 feet down the driveway. I also walked it down the street course, holding it up, checking that the wheels turned and roughly following its steering. It found the waypoint, turned around, and headed right off the other end. I may need to have a catcher's mitt for this one.


  1. I'd like to win
  2. I'd settle for finishing
  3. I'll get the one-corner program.
I am going with two boxes, one computer bag, one live and one dead robot and one robot hat. The boxes are filled with a whole bunch of random stuff, not even in the hopes that I need it, but in the hopes that someone else is helped out by my being there. I have programmed the robot with my laptop, so I know I am at least ready for the nominal case.

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