Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Afternoon Training

The course was open today at 2:00, and I had hoped to be ready to test Yukari there. As it happens, guidance isn't ready, so I drove it around manually, to record the GPS. While I was there, I saw the barrels. There is a clear lane to the left which is what I plan on using. That means no bumper, either. On finishing my first lap, I opened the throttle all the way, hit the start/finish line bump hard, jumped, flipped, and spilled the controller. It detatched itself from the battery, both the connector and the foam tape, flipped a couple of times, and came to rest upside down. However, no damage was done except for a few superficial scratches on the 11DoF.

It has become evident that I MUST practice guidance with the host-mode passenger.c as well. That means refactoring all the navigation, guidance, control, and config stuff so that it can be run from host mode.

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