Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's really going to work!

This one is even better than the previous steering demonstration. The navigate function is about half complete (it reads and integrates the gyro, it reads but does not integrate the GPS yet). The guide function has yet to be written, but the control function is in place!

I'm worried about it being all on a breadboard and held on with foam tape, but I have some solder breadboards in case it shakes apart in testing. I am still going to use sockets for the Loginator and for the GPS interface, because I am going to want those back.

I still need to think about the "Go" button and the bumper. Watching the replays from last year, it looks like I should do the average G before the start of the race. I turn the controller on, step away from it for a few seconds for it to collect average G, then push the green button when they say go.

Tomorrow early morning I will take the bot to the mall parking lot and drive it manually there, collecting data all the while. I can then use that data to test the guide routine as I develop it. Doing the compass writing on a desktop machine, then porting it to the emulator, worked out well. I am going to do that again with guide().

The current long-range weather forecast is good. I don't want to put a hat on the car if I don't have to.

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