Friday, June 20, 2014

Compass is working!

I implemented what I talked about in the last post, straight on the robot controller first. I tested it by unplugging the GPS, then holding it in my hands at the desk and turning it. Once I was satisfied with that, that was the extent of the testing I could do inside. So, I set the controller for 38.6deg, the azimuth of the street outside my house. I plugged things in so that I was manually controlling the throttle, but the robot was controlling the steering. I put it on the line, then revved it up. It decided to go about 20deg to the right first, but as it picked up speed and covered distance, it turned almost exactly straight with the road.

Next: Guidance! On a normal day, I would have called this a good day's work and called it off for the day. Not today. This is only half of what I had planned on testing at 10:00am today.

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