Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April Fools!

The AVC approaches. I think I can write a Kalman filter and control loop by then. However, the April 1 due date for the vehicle autonomously turning a corner approaches even faster!

Is there any way that I can finish it by then? If I get the control loop and filter running on April 1, I am basically done. What do I do for the next 22 days? Besides, I'm not sure that even I could do that much coding in the three remaining evenings by then. Especially if I keep writing this blog instead of code.

I think I can do it open loop. By running the motors on a schedule, I think I could get it to travel the 15 feet around my basement to meet the letter of the law. It wouldn't be anything like the final program running it, but it would be something.

From test flight 3, I was able to measure the approximate hover thrust needed, about 145 when fully charged. So, the program is, run at about 155 for a couple of seconds, then back to 145, tail rotor up a bit to tilt forward, then run at 155/135 to make the turn, back to even, fly a couple more seconds, then set it to 135 until it lands.

I don't even need the bridge for this.

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