Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Everything needs a name. For instance, on the Space Station, we have the Destiny lab, Unity node, Quest airlock, basically every nut and bolt has a name.

Likewise for this project. The over-arcing name for all my projects since 1998 is Kwan Systems. This is from Tagalog, where kwan is basically the same as English "whatchamacallit" except it isn't intended to be funny in Tagalog. Kwan Systems is therefore a valid home for any conceivable project.

My work in electronics is under a subdivision of Kwan Systems called St Kwan's Home for the Terminally ADD, loosely inspired by a line from Harry Potter (His guardians denied sending him to a magic school to their friends, and instead claimed he was going to "St. Brutus' Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys"). The terminally ADD part is in relation to my ocean of unfinished projects. One of my main goals with the AVC is to actually FINISH SOMETHING!

All my computers have names, including the controllers I use. Almost all of them are cute little girls or women characters from various anime shows, usually secondary characters. The two computers in this project that I am directly programming are called Arisa and Kyoko, as I mentioned before after the crew of Poison 1 in Nuku Nuku. Arisa was the pilot, and Kyoko was in the back seat, managing the engines, weapons, sensors, etc. Since Arisa is the pilot, the whole project is called "Project Arisa". Arisa is the name of both the Logomatic and sensor hardware, when involved with this project, and the name of the software running it. Likewise, Kyoko is the name of both the Arduino and engine room board, and the program running on it.

The aircraft itself doesn't have a name yet. Poison 3? Well, it's a helicopter, not a fanjet. Howbout... "The Flying Resume!" If I needed a job, sure, but I have one right now, thanks. I'll probably just call the whole thing Arisa.

When the Logomatic is being used as a rollercoasterometer, it is called Isabella, from Phineas and Ferb. When it is used as a rocketometer, it is called Candace, also from Phineas and Ferb. The rocket it rides in is also called Candace.

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