Monday, March 28, 2011

Test Flight 2

Test Flight 2 included two major changes.

  1. A 9V battery is hooked to the Arduino. The choices were either that, or bring a wire across the "Do Not Cross" line on the engine room board. Doing that would expose the Arduino, and the Logomatic, to potential voltage spikes, so that's a no-no. 9V it is. So, now there will be three batteries in the flight setup. One 11.1V rechargable for the main rotors, one 3.7V rechargable for the Bridge, and one 9V disposable for the Engine Room.
  2. The program was set to set all rotors to zero explicitly in setup(). I think that this is what really went wrong in Test Flight 1.
Also, the main battery was fully charged.

Test flight 2 was a complete success!

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