Monday, March 28, 2011

First Post!

This is the build log for Project Arisa, my entry into the Sparkfun 2011 AVC. I keep all my own notes on various private blogs and wikis on my own system, but I grabbed a free blog here so that I don't clutter Sparkfun's forum.

I guess your question is, if I have been working on this for months, why do I have so many entries dated March 28? I just decided on this blog today, so I am doing a brain dump of what has already happened. I am currently almost finished with the hardware, and it is time to write the guidance, navigation, and control part. I will document this as it happens.

Also, I have just gotten the thing in the air, and I feel strongly that if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. So many projects are started, then abandoned. Only finished projects count. I wanted to make sure I actually had something to talk about before I started blabbing about it.

I'll tell you about the attitude of the knife some other day.

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