Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Voices of a Distant Star

Am I re-inventing the wheel? Of course. IMUs are known technology. I could probably buy all the electronics I wanted from DIYDrones, or something. But, if I did that, it wouldn't be DIY now, would it?

I am inspired in part by an anime OAV called Voices of a Distant Star. It's pretty highly critically acclaimed, but I didn't like it much, mostly because it didn't have an ending. The interesting part is that it is a 45 minute OAV which is written, directed, animated, edited, by ONE PERSON! There are three voices, but the director did one of those also, and the other two are female.

I want to do this myself, even if I am reinventing the wheel. It will be my wheel, and I will understand it from the resistors to the logic gates to the Kalman filters and the control loops. Besides, the world needs some triangular wheels.

I am going to publish everything when it is ready, EAGLE files, source code, lots of notes on Kalman filter math, everything. But, if you just blindly follow it, you won't learn nearly as much as if you do it yourself.

Remember: If you have even half as much fun reading about this as I had doing it, I had twice as much fun as you.

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