Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Control Implementation

1) Do a bunch of refactoring to get the Kalman filter nice and portable.
2) Write a control loop structure which holds two Kalman filters and the Kp, Ki, and Kd.
3) Ignore the Kalman stuff to begin with. Just do a P controller on yaw.
4) Integrate the motor control stuff into Arisa.
5) Put Kyoko on the engine room board
6) Test the motor control stuff open-loop.

After quite some effort, I finally got Arisa and Kyoko talking to each other again. I had to cut all the traces on the engine room board for the SPI bus, turn I2C down to 200kHz (it's not really running that fast anyway) and put a couple of software patches into both programs, but Kyoko is now spinning the tail rotor on command from Arisa.

The bad news is that it is only spinning main rotor A. I think I probably damaged the connection to main rotor B when I was cutting traces. If this is it, I am going to build another engine room board. I am also planning on building a safety circuit to cut power to the engine room without an explicit command from the Arduino.

But, first thing's first. Get rotor B spinning, and the yaw control loop working. AVC looms.

Update: Good news! It is fixable in software. The problem is that the Arduino doesn't respond properly to two consecutive commands. So, we will just put all the motor commands into one packet.

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