Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Further AVC post-mortem and future plans

"Steve is one of the brightest guys I've ever worked with - brilliant; but when we decided to do a microprocessor on our own, I made two great decisions - I gave them [Steve Furber and Sophie Wilson] two things which National, Intel and Motorola had never given their design teams: the first was no money; the second was no people. The only way they could do it was to keep it really simple." -- Hermann Hauser, from the Gnuarm web site
In a one-man organization, we replace people with time. I got the no people (time) part right, but not the no money. Towards the end I was burning out (or so I thought) and replacing $50 parts at an alarming rate.

So, for next year, a budget of $100 plus the parts I already have. Since those parts include almost an entire robot, I should be fine. Once the car works, another $100 for the helicopter, but not before.

I am not sure about things like a Dremel mini-drill-press or other hardware like that with purposes beyond building robots, but gotten for building robots.

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