Thursday, April 14, 2011

More crazy ideas

This time for during/after the competition. First, if I think that I deserve a "victory lap" I will program the thing to go hover and spin over the center of the pond during the lap.

Secondly, the "Viking Funeral". When I am done with the robot, I go out to the middle of a big field, and program it to fly straight up. As soon as it sees that it is no longer going up even with full throttle, it cuts all power, and tumbles back to Earth. Very Antimov, if I do say so.

Also, I am now putting in acceleration into my IMU Kalman filter. I could split the filter into two pieces, one for the gyro and one for the IMU. But, I still have this sneaking suspicion that knowing the current acceleration (including gravity) will help out with the orientation. If I prove it doesn't, I think I save a factor of about 4 by splitting it. The order of the problem goes from O(16^3)=~4096 to O(7^3)+O(9^3)=~(343+729)=~1072.

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