Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This thing might actually work...

As I said before, a minor protocol change in the I2C link between the bridge and engine room fixed the little "no B rotor spinning" problem. The bad news is that I got all the parts I needed to build a new engine room, when I don't need them.

I have completed decorating the vehicle (except for signing it, that comes when it's done, probably on AVC day) by putting the official Kwan Systems roundel on the tail fin. I also glued the onboard camera there. I kept looking for a place to stick the camera in the cockpit, and nothing really worked well. So, I attached it to the tail fin. This is a full two feet behind the main body, to give a chase plane feel without a chase plane.

The video below shows the first onboard video taken from this unique viewpoint, during a test of the yaw control on the aircraft.

I need a control loop with a large derivative term on my mood, to control these oscillations. When it works, I feel great, every time I start it up, I scare myself, and when there is any tiny bug, my mood crashes.

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