Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yukari Chassis - Warranty Voided!

Yukari is built on an Electrix RC 1/10 stadium truck (whatever that is) with a rather simple and hackable electrical system.

The receiver there in the middle is the brain of the operation. It takes 5V power from the ESC battery eliminator, and controls the two motors with two PWM signals running at 71Hz. Note carefully that the receiver draws current from the ESC and supplies it to the servo.

Neutral for steering is 1.54ms, full right is 2.0ms, and full left is 1.1ms.

Neutral for the drive motor is 1.50ms, full forward is 1.0ms, and full reverse is 2.0ms.

The steering signal is around 3.3Vp-p, while the drive is a sudden rise to 3.4V followed by what appears to be an exponential decay from 3.4V to 5V.

My clever plan is to put an engine room board where the receiver used to go.

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